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doll_4_by_thoughtcriminal31-deviantart.jpgdoll_3_by_thoughtcriminal31-deviantart.jpgdoll_1_by_thoughtcriminal31-deviantart.jpgπανινη κουκλα

money is no object-οσο κι αν πληρωθω * κι αν ειμαι εγω * μοναξια * ονειραετοι * η αληθεια * το μπαρ * δακρυ * λουνα παρκ * πανινες κουκλες 


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into the room


bits and pieces spreaded around the carpet. a wooden soldier, a piece of plastic from a broken duch toy, a doll’s hair, a doll’s dress, an iron maiden.

a purple feather, an orange tissue flower, a fairytale book, a frog.

one more time you will march into the room sweeping the floor with your long white dress moving the objects around.  

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new things

new life that carries with her old lives. life is one and only divided in different parts interconnected. one is infused into the other forming the life web. i live into the web and i don’t want to leave although sometimes it suffocates me. when this happens i try to clear the dust that obscures my view and hardens my breathing.

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Hello world!

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